Monday, 9 April 2018

How to set-up a new MLM business in India?

Well!! This is the first question arise in your mind if you are a beginner or unknown about the network marketing. In today’s world where competition in market is very strong, Multi-level Marketing is extremely imperative for your business. MLM business doesn’t require a fancy store or expensive showroom then also you can tap worldwide customers.

Network marketing is also known as pyramid selling, referral marketing  or network marketing it is a type of marketing strategy which is for the sale of products or services through non-salaried workforce also known as  promoters, participants, salespeople, and distributors. They get compensated on the basis of their sale not only for your personal effort but also for your recruiter’s effort. These recruits are referred as your sub-promoters or downline at multi-level. This MLM Business generates opportunity for people who are looking for part-time and flexible jobs.

Legal Formalities:
From legal point of view there is no separate law for the MLM Company in India once in 2005 it was proposed in the parliament but there are some Acts of Indian constitutions we have to consider before the Set-Up of a MLM Business.   

1.      Under Money Rotation Trade Practice Banning ACT 1969 Pyramid Scheme’s head count commission is banned in India.
2.      Under Prize Chit and Money Circulation banning Act 1978 it should be not money involved investment return it should feasible Product selling Business Format.

In order to setup a multi-level marketing Company in India firstly set-up a Private Limited or Limited Company this involved limited risk for owner.

Also apply for IDSA (Indian Direct Selling Association) Member Ship. It is a private association setup by Amway India. Membership in IDSA is important because this association govern entire Direct Selling Companies in India. They maintain the MLM Business rout by controlling unethical and illegal MLM companies. 

It is very important to have a Vat/Service Tax/ Tan No for selling, manufacturing and purchasing of the product and also all required license and registration.
Must hire a CA (Chartered Accountant) or legal advisor create your own company’s rules, regulation and policy without copy past of others. It is also very important to create your online presence with the help of a dynamic website, unique content and related company information provided by legal advisor. 

Business Plan: You must have a business plan or a blue print of your business. It is a base of any business to come up with required or unique goods and services in market in order to sell it.

Realities of MLMs: Be aware about the realities of pyramid schemes and MLM scams for the safe business. Keep up to date yourself with the knowledge of direct selling market and continue with the market research.

Choosing MLM Plan: Final, tough and most important part for the business. Selecting a MLM plan decide your business future because MLM plan work as backbone of your business and it should be strong in order to long chase. 

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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Wide Range of Multilevel Marketing Plans - MLM

Choosing a MLM plan for your business is very tough decision because everybody wants best so, in this case what will you do? Well we have a solution for you! Yes right in this article we will help you to know that, which MLM plan will be suitable
For your business and how it will boost your business in the market.

In our previous article we discuss about MLM network market that how MLM works and how MLM can be helpful for business. MLM build your business’s network by creating a chain of people from different field or profession and bring them together for the expansion of business. Everybody follows the process and promotes business with people and approaches them to join and deal with other people or customer in order to build a chain. Company provide stock or services to their dealer for the treading without any investment and also can purchase them back in condition if you are not able to sell them.

Apart of these things MLM has wide verity of plans for every type and level of business.

·         Binary Plan
·         Generation Plan
·         Matrix Plan
·         Level Plan
·         Hybrid Plan

Binary Plan: It is most popular and widely used MLM software to manage the business network. MLM Binary Plan is the first choice of people in network marketing, many part time working people and individuals who is looking to start their MLM business. Concept of Binary MLM plan is totally based on two legs; one side marked as power and second is profit. When any person joins the network, he or she introduces new joiners in the Binary Tree Structure.
·         Unlimited Member
·         MLM Report
·         Fast Expansion
·         Payout Statement
·         Unique e-Pin System
·         Members Report

Generation Plan: It is also popular as Repurchase or Gap Commission Plans and the concept of MLM Generation Plan is based on mouth advertisement and group of member/affiliates. In generation plan there is no need of media advertisement and also company motivate their promoters with incentives and bonuses on the target achievement. It is good for especially consumable products manufacturer companies.
·       Web based application
·       100% Cost-Effective
·       24x7 Online Access
·       User Friendly Interface
·       Highly accurate and Customized
·       Technical Support

Matrix Plan: MLM Matrix Plan also known as ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan. MLM matrix software is organized into a particular width and depth which is similar to a pyramid which may 3 in width and 5 in depth. In the MLM matrix plan promoter work for commission and get paid when they add new member in the tree.
·         Customized Software
·         Fix Width and Depth Structure
·         User Friendly
·         Customized structure as per requirement
·         100% Cost-Effective
·         24x7 Online Access

Uni-Level Plan: Main motive of Uni-level MLM plan is to allow each promoter to add member in front row and for making this plan more interesting and attractive promoter can add some incentives, bonuses at the target achievement. Uni-Level MLM plan it is very simple and user friendly it is very easy for promoter to explain Uni-Level plan to the new comers. There is no restriction for width in Uni-Level plan.
·         Easy to explain to new member
·         Compensation level specified by Company 
·         24x7 Online Access
·         100% Cost-Effective
·         Rewards and incentives
·         Online payment systems integration

Hybrid Plan: Hybrid MLM plan came into existence in 1985and it is very old plan in the network marketing business. Hybrid plan combines the advantages of binary and Uni-Level compensation plan. This plan consists of two legs and hybrid plan pay approximately 10% and 20% of the weaker leg. Everyone work as distribute there is no sales leader in hybrid plan. In this plan new member get high percent of commission for first 30 to 60 days.
·         24x7 Online Access
·         100% Cost-Effective
·         MLM Report
·         Fast Expansion

Omega Softwares is the provider of custom MLM software development solutions for businesses worldwide. Consult our software solutions specialists now to discuss how our development services will enable you to overcome your software technology